An Unofficial Guide to Boards of Canada Rarities


jun 2014 a remaster of the tapes landed in the rareboc dropbox today. i've had remasters before but this one is generally of better quality. half of OT2 still sounds like, well... like it always sounded. but it is the best remaster I have heard, comes with nice artwork scans, so here it is: old tapes remaster

jan 2014 I am still looking for any SLSK downloads from 04-06 which may have been labelled either "unreleased materials" or "hexigon sun tape" [sic], as well as any rips of r35tt in lower bitrates than 320k - "rare cassette tracks" for example. if anyone has either then please add to the rareboc dropbox and drop me an email!

Introduction hosts download links to the highest available quality rips of rare boards of canada releases such as AFOT, OTv2 and r35tt, and some other rare tracks that do not belong to these releases. in the past i spent a lot of time trying very hard to collect the best possible quality rips of these tapes. i got lots of help over the years and hosting these here is my way of "giving back". some lengthy (and perhaps dangerously obessive!) work has gone in to compiling these zips so i hope they help improve others' collections in some way.

there are some tracks which I believe are available in higher quality online and if anybody has these rips then please do e-mail me so I can share with the community. I am also looking for the original leak of Godever from Audiogalaxy if anyone has it..

moral justification time these tracks are already easily available online - except in various mislabelled, poor quality guises. having the best rips shared openly makes sure that nobody has to listen to some really shitty version of a beautiful song just because they chose the wrong shady download. should any official release of these tracks come about then I will remove these download links immediately, and forever.

Until then, they're here to stay (unless any Music70 reps want to e-mail me and tell me otherwise).

About the Rips

This information is primarily about how these rips came about, and not about the music or physical tapes themselves. For this information consider viewing the following links:

The three tapes listed above are basically all that have surfaced of pre-Twoism Boards of Canada. A Few Old Tunes and Old Tunes Vol 2 are mixtapes which the band sent to record labels as demos, and distributed amongst friends. Very few copies are known to exist in the wild - Twoism user dealer has shown copies, and WATMM user rinzence spectacularly increased the value of these tapes by destroying one of each (he did the right thing). they previously belonged to mike p (muziq).

The origin of the R35TT is far less clear. MDG, the Hexagon Sun official contact on the net, has called it a "mystery, just a mixture" although has confirmed that the tracks are legitimate BOC. Joyrex of WATMM somewhat amusingly claims to have a copy of this tape, although has not been particularly forthcoming with proof as far as I could find (if you're reading, a decent rip, some pics and some info would be just lovely! - aye, sure.) The tracks are labelled Audiotrack A01 - A15 and B01 - B20 and their real names are not known, (even to joyrex who somehow got the tape without the j-card) with very few exceptions which are noted in my downloads and explained on bocpages. various names have cropped up for this tape since, all of which have been confirmed fake by hexagon sun.

A Few Old Tunes

Also known as "Old Tunes Vol 1", A Few Old Tunes has leaked online more than once. A set of 160kbps MP3s is the rip most commonly seen online; however this rip suffers from extremely poor sound quality. The best known rip is only partial - much to the annoyance of the likes of myself, the final track is Original Nlogax. In the above zip, everything up to track 23 comes from this rip (properly - no transcodes!) and the rest of the album has been pieced together - Sequoia, Boqurant, 5.9.78 and Up The March Bank from a scene release called "Old Tunes Vol 2" (more on that later) and Wendy Miller, Paul Russell's Piece and Nova Scotia Robots come from the aforementioned poor 160kbps rip. Unfortunate, but that's the way of it!

If you've got the 160kbps rip just now, you're going to want to download this. The sound quality is so much better.

Old Tunes Volume 2

This seems only to have been leaked once, and in poor quality. However, some tracks did appear on a scene release in what claims to be CD quality and I've uploaded these above as part of the zips. If anyone else is properly into needlessly hoarding these sorts of things then feel free to get in touch because I have a copy of this scene release, and also of the entire low-quality OTv2 without some tracks subbed out.

Random 35 Tracks Tape

Definitely the most fascinating rare BOC release, r35tt originally leaked in 2004 in various guises - "random 35 tracks tape (rarities and the best of - not old tunes v1 or v2)" and "unreleased materials", "rare cassette tracks". folders appearing on audiogalaxy and slsk, explanation free. Unreleased Materials was missing most of side B and of a lower bitrate, so r35tt became the go-to release. However, the tracks from side B of unreleased materials are unquestionably of a higher fidelity than those on r35tt, despite being a lot noisier.

The rare cassette tracks folder, linked here, contains most of side B. It is the original leak (although incomplete here). It is definitely much noiser, but much clearer - same as above.

You'll notice in r35tt above that side B is definitely -less- noisy than side A. This leads to my theory is that on the original tape, side B has been poorly transferred and sounds terrible. So when the leaker eventually got round to a complete 320k rip, they applied some noise reduction to compensate - unfortunately, they gimped the fidelity of the tracks in the process.

I believe there may be a complete rip of side B without noise reduction kicking about so if your r35tt side b sounds hissier than your r35tt side a I would really love to hear it. the two zip's i've been sent, linked above, are not complete.

essential listening for true fans. they are from the old BOC website. rips from acid memories, play by numbers and hooper bay. three 40 second samplers. obviously my dropbox is open if anyone has any more!